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Welcome to the all new WETMANS PLACE ! !

Id like to tell you about myself and the reason behind this website. I started my first Wet Review website after paying to join a website that advertised Thousands of photos and hundreds of movies. After spending my hard earned money I found only 50 low quality pictures and 5 even worse quality videos. When I complained I was told they did have that many..In their archives but they only posted a few at a time and changed them once a month to keep you coming back. Later I found other sites that actually delivered what they promised..so I decided to try and let people know what sites are good and which ones are ripoffs.

Some people say How can your reviews be fair when the sites you review give you free stuff? All I can say is I tell it like it is..if a site does not provide what it advertises I will tell you about it.

I also feature some Exclusive videos and photos here that do NOT come from any paid websites!!

Please take the time to read our FAQ below.......

Q How much does it cost and how do I signup?

A The site is 100% FREE...No membership or signup is required.

Q What will I find at Wetmans Place?

A We plan to offer stories..Reviews of wet sites on the net...Reviews of wet videos...News on things happening on various wet sites around the net...Pictures...and now featuring FREE amateur pee videos.

Q Is their a message board or chat room here?

A No ...We recommend Peesearch.net as they have a full forum and Free Chat room...their is also the same at Peeingcupid.com where the chatroom offers video chat.

We do now have a BLOG...be sure to check it out !

Q Can I post pictures, Stories or Videos here?

A You can not post them yourself...to keep the site free of Spam and illegal content all material is posted by the webmaster. If you have a self written story..or HOMEMADE or AMATEUR pictures of videos you wish to have posted here please contact the webmaster and he will contact you about posting your material.

Q How do I contact the webmaster?

A Please use the CONTACT US link on the main page.

Q I know a watersports site thats not listed here...will you review it?

A. Certainly...Please contact us with the website link and contact info for the webmaster if you know it and we will contact them to do a review. Be advised we do NOT review SPAM sites or sites that feature scat or other illegal content.

Q How often is this site updated?

A We will update the site as often as possible.

Q Didnt you have a website before?

A Yes..several actually. Wetmans Wet News...Wetmans place. I have been around for some time. I was also a moderator at Peesearch.net and Peeingcupid.com

Q Do you plan to turn this into a Pay site?

A NO...This site will always be FREE...we are not out to make any money here...

Q What about the Video Theater? You ask for money there?

A This is a service offered by an outside company and IS NOT connected directly to Wetmans Place. I have nothing to do with it and dont make one red cent from the service.

Enjoy Wetmanjf