Wetman's Stories

Wetting & Pee Stories - Fun with Kim Fun with Kim

Kim and I had been dating for a couple of months..the sex was pretty hot and I was begining to learn that Kim had a kinky side.
One weekend we decided to travel up to the mountains and check out the beautiful fall colors. We checked into small motel and then went out and got some dinner. On the way back to the motel we picked up a couple of six packs of beer and a few snacks.
After watching a little TV we decided to check out the swimming pool. Kim put on a bikini that would make even a preacher drool.
The weather was a little cool so the pool only had a few guests using it so it was not very crowded. We swam for a while in the deeper water and then retreated to the shallow end where we just cuddled and checked out the stars. Kim loved to tease me..a couple of times she slipped her bikini to the side and flashed her cute little tits at me. I told her to behave as I was afraid some
of the other people might notice. A few minutes later Kim nudged me with her arm. "Did you feel that?" "Feel what?" I asked. Kim kind of smiled. "I just made the water a little warmer" she giggled. My cock jumped to attention in my swimming trunks. "Did you just pee?" I asked her. "You didn't feel it?" she asked playfully. "No I didn't" I told her. I had never told Kim about my watersports fetish but I figured now was the time to test the waters..so to speak. "You should have given me a little warning..I could
have gotten a little closer" I said. Kim just smiled..."I'll remember that" she said. We swam a little bit longer and Kim got out of the pool. "I'll be right back" she told me and she hurried off to our room.

Kim returned a couple of minutes later with a bundled up towel...she reached inside and pulled out a beer. "Want one?" she asked. I told her if someone reported her for having beer at the pool they would kick us out. "You worry too much" Kim said and gulped down some beer and covered it back over with the towel and she jumped back in the pool. It was starting to get late and most all the other guests had gone back to their rooms....but we stayed and swam for another hour or so...I knew we would have to leave soon as the pool closed at 10 PM. Kim swam over to one of the ladders..."Hey come here" she said. I went over to where she was at and Kim pulled
up her top. "You like these?" she giggled. "Yes I do..but let's save it for the room..I don't want to get arrested" I told her. Kim wrapped her arms around the ladder and leaned her body out into the water and wrapped her legs around my body squeezing me tight. Her Bikini was so
tight she had a perfect camel toe that was pressed right against my chest. "You ready?" she asked. "For what?" I replied not knowing what she was planning. "For me to warm you up....I've gotta take a leak" she said boldly. It took a few seconds for it to sink in what Kim was about
to do. She wrapped her legs around me a little tighter. "You ready? I can't hold it any longer..here it comes" she said. Almost at once I felt the pee jet through her bikini and spray against my chest...it was quite warm ..the feeling was amazing. The beer must have really done a number on her as she seemed to pee forever. My cock was about to rip through my trunks. At last she finished and she unwrapped her legs from around my chest. "Well how was it?" she asked. "That was hot" was all I could manage to say. We climbed out of the pool and hurried back to the room and had some amazing sex....then we drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

The next morning I woke up early and decided to soak in the tub for a bit to relax.....I left Kim sound asleep in the bed. I was enjoying the warm water when Kim walked in the bathroom. "You should have woke me up" she said. I told her she was sleeping so good I decided to let her rest. "I hope I didn't shock you too bad last night in the pool...I think I got a little too drunk" I told her it was OK and that I actually enjoyed what we did. "Your not just saying that to make me feel better are you?" She asked...I told her no. Kim told me she once dated a guy who was "into the whole watersports scene" and that she really got to where she enjoyed it herself...and she said the beer just kind of took away her inhabitions.
While I was jumping up and down inside I tried to not show my excitement too much for fear she might just be playing games with me to see if I would admit to be a watersports fan myself. "You sure your OK with it?" she asked again...I told her I really enjoyed it. "Well let's see" she said with an evil little grin on her face. She climbed in the tub and straddled my cock. "So if I peed all over your dick right now you wouldn't care?" I told her I would love it. She drizzled a short stream down onto my penis but then quickly cut it off. "Fuck it..let's see just how much your into this" she said. She waded up in the tub until her pussy was directly over my face. "What about if I pissed in your face?" she said. I told her she could do anything she wanted. It was like someone threw a switch ......I suddenly saw a side of Kim I never knew existed...."Well open your mouth and drink my piss...I can't hold it any longer" she commanded. Her bladder exploded and her hot piss sprayed out with such force it took me by complete surprise. I opened my mouth and swallowed down as much as I could ...the rest washed over my face and soaked my hair. I never knew a girl could
pee so hard for so long...after what seemed like a good minute or better her pee finally slowed down to a drizzling stream....she moved her hips aiming
her stream into my open mouth....at last she finished. "Well I guess you were serious...looks like I found a new piss friend."

We took a shower together and decided to drive to a nearby park and go for a hike on the nature trail....I was wearing a pair of jeans but Kim decided to wear shorts. We were not in any hurry so we decided to take the long trail..the sign said it was about a mile and a half long. The weather was a little cool so we were pretty much there all alone. We walked about half the trail and stopped to rest at one of the many picnic shelters...I had a couple
of cups of coffee before we left and my bladder was begging for relief.....I looked around and saw no one in sight. "I have to pee" I told Kim...I walked a few
feet to a clearing and pulled out my cock. "I want to watch" Kim said..sounding like an excited college girl. As long as I have been into this I found it a little hard to get started with Kim watching.....I kept trying. "I thought you had to pee?" Kim said. "I do..just give me a minute" I told her....I finally felt my bladder relax and I began to pee a strong stream onto the ground. Without warning Kim reached out and put her hand in my stream. "Umm that's
warm" she said. I told her to stop..afraid that someone might see us. Then Kim stepped in front of me and I pissed all over her legs..."What are you doing?"
I asked...."Hey I peed on you..now it's my turn". I finished quickly and zipped up before anyone could come up. "Now it's my turn" Kim said. "Want to lay on the ground, I could just squat over you?" Kim said...As tempting as her offer was I really didn't feel like walking around in public drenched in piss. "Maybe some other time...in a less public place" I told her..."It's your loss" Kim said....she slid down her shorts and squatted releasing a stream of
piss that left a nice puddle on the ground. "That's better" Kim said. She pulled up her shorts and we finished our walk around the trail.

Our trip ended all too soon and we had to head home. I wondered if our wet adventures would continue after we got home. It didn't take long to find out the answer to my question. We decided to have a holding contest on the way home....we both peed before we left and then had to wait until we got home to use the bathroom...we stopped a couple of times to get sodas but the restrooms were off limits....by the end of our 3 hour trip we were both very desperate. Kim suggested we go to her apartment first..when we arrived we were both determined to make it to the bathroom first. When Kim unlocked the door we both bolted for the bathroom...sadly for Kim I ran track in school so I beat her to the toilet ....I barely got my pants unzipped before I started pissing ..my stream splashed loudly in the water. Kim stood there squirming..then suddenly said "Fuck this I can't wait" She stepped back a foot or two, kicked off her shoes and spread her legs. "Here it comes" she moaned. I watched as the crotch of her jeans turned dark and streams of piss poured down each leg. I couldn't beleive Kim was standing there pissing herself as I watched. By now my bladder was empty and my cock was quickly getting hard. "I'm finished" I told her. "It's too late now..I can't stop"
she replied. I listened closely and I could hear her piss hissing out into her jeans...the sound was so erotic. By now her jeans were drenched all the way down to
her ankles and pee was pouring off the cuffs of her jeans and forming a small lake on the tile floor. "Oh God I feel so much better" Kim said. I walked over to her and wrapped my arms around her and held her close to my body...Kim gave me a kiss. "I'm almost finished" she said. Her face squinched as she pushed to get the last drops of piss out of her bladder. "OK I'm done" she said with a sigh. She reached down and rubbed my rock hard cock. "I think you enjoyed seeing me do that didn't you?" she said. Kim looked down to inspect the damage to the bathroom floor. "Boy that's a lot of piss" she said "And since it was your fault I didn't make it to the potty you can clean it up" she added. "With what?" I asked. "Hang on I'll get you a couple of piss towels" she said. Kim went over to her
bathroom closet and pulled off a couple of towels from the top shelf and tossed them to me. "Get busy..I'm going to change" she said. Kim vanished out the door
and I began soaking up the pee with the towels..."Just throw them in the washer when your done" she said..her voice trailing off down the hall. The pee was still
slightly warm and really didn't have any odor as we both had consumed a lot of liquid. I cleaned up the pee and squeezed the excess pee into the tub so I wouldn't
drip pee all the way down the hallway. I carried the towels to her laundry room and put them into the washer on top of Kim's soaked jeans and panties that were already in there. Kim came around the corner wearing a pair of loose shorts and a cut off top that barely covered her breasts...she poured some detergent into the washer and started it up. We retreated to her bedroom.

I asked her why she called her towels "Piss towels". "Not all my towels..just a few special ones silly" she said. She explained that she bought those towels at a garage
sale and only uses them to clean up when she has "accidents". "Do you use them often?" I asked? "A lot more than you know" she said. "Let me start from the beginning" she said. We sat on her bed and Kim told me how this all started. Kim told me that when she moved away from home and went to college she started going out a lot. She said that she's always had a phobia about sitting on public toilets...Especially toilets in bars, gas stations and fast food places...if it was a fancy place and the bathrooms were really clean she would use them but other than that she would hold it. She said she tried to whole "Hovering" thing but she was never really good at it and often ended up pissing all over her clothes or on the floor....so she just got to the point that she would just hold it until she got home. She told me that by the time she got home she was bursting to pee and many times once she got inside she couldn't make it to the bathroom and would end up wetting herself and making a mess all down her hallway as she tried to make it to the toilet. She finally decided that it would be a whole lot easier to just clean up one area so she began leaving a towel folded up by the door and if she knew she wasn't going to make it to the bathroom in time she would simply unfold the towel onto the floor..stand on it and let go in her pants. She said she quickly began to enjoy the feeling of the
warmth running across her crotch and down her legs and before long if she was alone that most of the time she didn't even bother to try and go to the bathroom..even if she knew she could make it...she would simply pee herself. She said the only other guy she had ever seriously dated found this out "by accident" (No pun intended) She said he had just dropped her off and left...she had to pee but was enjoying the feeling of her full bladder so she held it a few more minutes and went to the fridge to get a beer. She popped the top
and took a couple of drinks and then walked to the center of her kitchen floor and slowly began to release her bladder into her jeans...she said that once she starts peeing it's very hard for her to stop...except for a few seconds or so. She said she suddenly heard a noise and looked up to see her boyfriend standing there holding her purse that she had forgotten in his car...watching her wet her pants...she said she tried to stop but the pee just kept coming. She tried to say something but before she could he set her purse on the counter and left..and she never saw him again. She said she tried to call him and explain but he wouldn't even answer her calls. I asked her what about the guy she told me about
who was into watersports....she hung her head and told me that she made that all up so that I wouldn't think she was a freak. She said she had begun finding a lot of stuff about watersports on the internet and the more she saw the more she wanted to try new things...especially with someone else. Kim went over and opened up the bottom drawer of her dresser..from under some clothes she pulled out a stack of DVD's "I guess I don't need to hide these anymore" she said. She handed me the stack of videos and I began to look at them. Patches Place..Bound2burst...Wetset...Glimpse-It....Golden showers...Sneakypee...NeedaPee...she must have had a good two dozen videos. "I guess you think
I'm nuts, Right?" she said. "No not at all" I told her. I then told her that I had been into watersports for a few years...but I was too afraid to tell her. Her eyes lit up..."So you really enjoy this?" she asked. "I've been trying to tell you that ever since that night you peed on me in the pool" I told her. "I have so many things I want to try" she said. "Sounds good to me" I replied...."But I think were going to have to buy a few more towels" I added....Kim just smiled.