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Wetting & Pee Stories - Shooting Club Shooting Club

A long time ago I moved to a new town and shortly after moving there I joined the local pistol and gun club. The main reason for joining was to be able to use their firing range. It was located at the end of a long dirt road and was almost always unused which allowed me to be able
to go and shoot without any interuptions. The only bathroom there was a single porta potty which I wouldn't send my worst enemy into so when I had to pee I'd just do it out in the open since their was never anyone around.

One day my friend Dawn asked me to take her with me to the range and teach her how to shoot a pistol. Dawn was a girl from the local college that I met at a bar about a month ago and we just hit it off. Ever since then we had been spending a lot of time together. Since she didn't have her own car I would do my best to take her anywhere she needed to go. We loaded up my .22 pistols and a couple of boxes of ammo and off we went. When we got to the range it was empty as usual. We got out of the car and I went to get the guns from the trunk. As I was getting them out Dawn pointed at the porta potty. "Is that the only bathroom here?" she asked. I told her it was but that
I wouldn't recommend using it. "I didn't think about going before we left" she said. "But that's OK I'll just hold it" I had peed just before we left out of habit but just didn't think about warning her about the condition of the bathrooms.

We spent the next hour or so going over gun safety and doing some target shooting...it didn't take long before she got the hang of it. After we emptied one box of bullets I got another from the car. Dawn kind of look around. "Do many other people come out here?" she asked. I told her I almost always had the place to myself. "I'm getting pretty desperate and if we are going to stay a while I need to pee" she said. Being a gentleman I offered to drive
her to the store a few miles up the road. "Thanks, but if it won't offend you I can just do it right here" she said. I told her that would be fine with me. "I grew up on a farm with four brothers and a sister and when we were outside and had to go, we went" she said "So I lost my bladder shyness a long time ago" She kind of laughed. "I think I upset my poor friends at college...if we are out walking around...or walking back to school from the bars down the street and I feel the urge I just drop my jeans and let go..they get so flustered." She looked around one last time. "Sure you don't care?" she asked. I told I didn't mind.

I actually figured she would make some attempt to hide..maybe walk up to the parking area and squat behind the car but instead she just took a couple of steps back from there I was standing and began to unbuckle and unzip her tight jeans. Again trying to be polite I turned around and looked the other way. "Your really sweet and if you would rather not look thats up to you...but just so you'll know I really won't mind if you want to watch." she said. I kind of glanced over my sholder. She was still standing there with her jeans unzipped and folded down...her belt undone. "I don't want you to think I'm a pervert or anything" I told her. "Don't worry..I won't. I think it would be rather foolish of me to pull down my pants and pee right next to you without thinking you might watch." she said with a smile. "There is a guy I bar hop with in college that everytime I pee around him he pretends to look the other way but I always see him trying to sneak a peek" she laughed. "Like I said..I'm not shy...It's a natural thing, we all do it...I think it's funny how most girls are so uptight about it...I even had a friend once who couldn't
pee if their was another girl in the bathroom. she said.

She tugged her jeans over her hips and slid the down below her knees....she squatted down and pulled her blue panties to the side to reveal her shaved beaver. "Have you ever seen a girl pee before?" she asked. "Not up close" I told her. "Well get as close as you like...just don't blame me if you get peed on" she laughed. She pulled her panties a little further to the side and leaned back slightly. "Get ready...here it comes" she said. It started as a trickle but quickly grew to a hissing stream that quickly soaked the ground. I watched..amazed at the force of her stream thinking with the right angle she could probably pee as far as most guys could. Her stream went on forever...she must have really had to go. On an impulse I started to reach out and touch her stream but then stopped. I didn't think she saw me. "Go ahead...I don't mind..but you better hurry I'm almost finished." she said. I placed my hand into her stream...her pee was so warm. I held my hand under her until she was finished peeing. She gave her hips a couple of shakes and pulled her jeans and panties back up and fastened them back. "So what did you think?" she said. "To be honest that was really exciting." I told her. She just smiled.

We finished doing some more target practice and then got ready to leave. As we were about to get into the car Dawn looked at me and said. "I hope I didn't freak you out about the whole peeing thing....You may think I'm crazy but I find the whole act of peeing rather erotic...I had a boyfriend once who use to tease me about how open I was about the whole subject...we started trying a few things with it and I was just getting into it when his family moved away and he went with them. Ever since then I've been too afraid to tell anyone else about my interest because I figured they would think I was nuts" I told her I thought the whole thing was pretty sexy. We drove back to my place and then I drove Dawn back to her Dorm. As she got out out of the car Dawn asked "So what are you doing tomorrow?" "Nothing that I know of right now" I told her. "OK well I'll give you a call when I'm finished with Classes." she said. She gave me a kiss and headed into her dorm...........................

To be continued.................