Wetman's Stories

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Mike met Lisa just two weeks ago at the bar. They hit it off and had dated a couple of times since then. It was Mikes weekend off and he had told Lisa he was going camping and was shocked when she asked if she could come along. Lisa looked as hot as ever in her skintight jeans and a cute T-shirt. He was not sure but as best he could tell she was not wearing a bra. They had been on the road almost 3 hours to the State Park where they were going to camp. He did not beleive in Campers and Mobile Homes...He was an old fashion Tent and Campfire kind of guy. When they got to the park they drove down a long dirt road till they found a nice campsite. They got out of the truck and Mike walked around back to start unloading the equipment. "Boy that was a long trip" Lisa said "I've got to pee" Mike gathered up an armload of bags and started around the truck. He looked up to see Lisa just a few feet away squatting down and peeing a wide stream onto the ground. I guess Lisa could see the surprise in Mikes eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry..does this bother you? I guess I could have gone further into the woods" She said. "No your fine" Mike replied hoping that Lisa could not see his erection growing in his pants. As Lisa stood up and was pulling up her pants she explained that she had grown up out in the country with several brothers and that if they were outside playing or working and had to pee they just went right where they were. She said because of this she was not shy at all about peeing in front of others. Mike got to thinking this might be a very interesting weekend.
After Mike had set up the tent they gathered some wood to build a fire to start cooking supper. By now Mikes bladder was getting rather full. Not wanting to seem like a prude He walked over to the edge of the woods, took out his penis and aimed for the ground. He looked over and saw Lisa watching. His bladder turned out to be more shy than he was for no matter how hard he tried he could not start peeing. "I'm sorry" Lisa said. "I guess I'm being rude..you want me to turn my back?" "I'm OK" He said "Just give me a second" He tried again and after about a minute managed to get his stream going. He sprayed the ground for almost a minute before his stream ended in several short sputs. "Sure beats having to walk way down into the woods just to take a leak dosen't it?" Lisa said. After supper they cleaned up around the camp and then sat around the fire and talked. They planned an early morning hike down the nature trail to go swimming in a nearby lake so Mike suggested they get an good nights sleep. Lisa took her night clothes into the tent and change. She emerged from the tent wearing a cute little robe that came down to just above her knees. "Natures calling again" she said. This time she only took a couple of steps away from the tent and she lifted her gown to reveal she was not wearing any panties. She spread her legs slightly and parted her pussy lips with her fingers. A stream of piss shot forward with more force than then many mens streams
Mike had seen. Lisa saw Mikes amazed expression. "Never seen a girl pee standing up before?" She asked.
"Not like that" Mike replied. "It's easy once you get the hang of it" Lisa explained "I can pee in a urinal or a toilet like this and make less of a mess than most guys" Her stream abruptly stopped. "That's the secret" Lisa told him "You got to cut your stream off fast so it does not run down your legs and make a mess" She lowered her gown and retreated into the tent and Mike followed. They crawled into their sleeping bags and went to sleep. The next morning Mike woke up so he could start breakfast so they could get an early start on their hike to the lake. He exited the tent and walked over to the grass to take his morning piss. He had just started peeing when he heard a voice from behind. "Mind if I join you?" Lisa said. She walked up beside him raised her gown, took aim, and unleashed her own stream of pee. They stood side by side and emptied their bladders then got dressed for the day. After breakfast they gathered up their packs and headed off for the lake. When they arrived they changed into their swimming suits and went for a dip. The water was a little cold and it made Lisa's nipples poke out nicely. They swam for almost an hour and ended up in some intimate positions under the water out of everyones view. Mike suggested they head back for camp for some more fun and games. Lisa agreed. She pulled him close to her wrapping her legs around him under the water and gave him a long kiss. Mike suddenly noticed the water around him was getting warmer. He asked Lisa "Are you peeing?" She just smiled and replied "When you gotta go you gotta go". She swam back to the shore and started getting dressed. They hiked back to the camp and started a fire then went into the tent to finish what they started at the lake. After almost two hours of incredible sex they emerged from the tent for a breather. Mike walked over to the grass and pulled out his cock to take a pee. "Mike" Lisa said "Can I hold it while you go?" He told her he would give it a try. She walked over and took his penis gently into her hand and aimed it out into the grass. It took him almost a minute to get started but he finally managed to get his stream going. Lisa played the stream back and forth in the grass like a kid playing with a water hose.
"This is so cool" she said. "I can feel the pee moving through your cock." Mike was not prepared for what happened next. Lisa took his cock and aimed it at her crotch. He tried to stop peeing but he was unable to do so. "Oh that feels so warm" she said. He continued to pee until his bladder was empty. When he finished she gave his cock a shake. "I've always wanted to do that" she giggled. She told him to lay down on the ground and he did as he was told. She moved her bathing suit to the side. She lowered herself down onto his erect cock and rode him to another orgasam. She stood up and took a step forward and then dropped back down into a squat over his chest. It took him a few seconds before he realized she was getting into position to pee. Before he could react her stream shot out and splashed onto his chest. It was hot and powerful unlike anything he had ever felt before. She pissed for almost a minute before her stream died down and she finished in a ladylike dribble. "Boy that was a relief" she sighed. They headed down to the park showers to get cleaned off and then returned to camp for dinner. That night they ditched the sleeping bags and cuddled together and drifted off to sleep. Mike could only imagine what adventures she had in store for him tomorrow.