Wetman's Stories

Wetting & Pee Stories - Four Alarm Pee Four Alarm Pee

My first wife and I were both members of a volunteer Fire Dept when we lived in Florida. She was one of only two female firefighters on the dept. One evening about 9:30 pm we were watching TV when an alarm came in for a possible fire at a local nightclub. Figuring the time of evening I guessed the place would be very busy and so we did not expect to find much of a fire when we got there. We jumped in the car and headed into town. The nearest engine was only about a mile away and we expected to be cancelled as soon as the truck arrived on scene. As we crossed over the bridge into town I heard the first radio report. Engine one advised they were about 5 blocks away and they had heavy fire visable from their location. As we topped the bridge we got a better view of a huge orange glow in the night sky. When we arrived on the scene the nightclub which was almost a block long was completely engulfed in flames. It turned out they had closed early that evening and about an hour later the fire broke out. We jumped from the car and threw on our bunker gear and ran to the nearest truck. We quickly became seperated as we each had different jobs at the scene of a fire. The fire burned throughout the night as we fought to keep the blaze from spreading to nearby buildings. At around 5:30 am the fire was declared "under control" and we began the task of rolling up hoses and loading equipment back onto the trucks. About an hour later the volunteers were released from the scene. I found my wife and we started back to the car. When we reached our vehicle we peeled off our bunker suits and then I noticed my wife had a funny look in her eyes and I asked her what was wrong. "I have to pee so bad my eyeballs are turning yellow and I don't think I'm going to make it home" was her reply. She was shuffling from foot to foot and looking around to see if anyone was around. Turns out she had not been able to get away to go to the bathroom all night. "I can try and find you a bathroom" I said. "I'm sorry but I don't even think I can get in the car and besides the first bump you hit and it would all be over." was her reply. She gave one more quick glance around to see if anyone was walking our way. "I'm sorry I'm going to have to go in my pants" she said. She walked over and stood between me and the car.
"Keep your eyes open and make sure no one is coming." She put her arms around me and held me close.
After a few seconds She whispered "Get ready here it comes" I watched as the look on her face changed from agony to pure relief. She sighed as her bladder gave way. I looked down to see dark streams of pee spreading across her crotch and running down the legs of her jeans. I could just imagine what was going on inside her pants as her forcefull stream of piss escaped her body only to be met by her panties and having no where else to go splashed back against her skin and ran down her legs. "Your suppose to be watching out for people not watching me pee myself" she said. I gave a quick look around and seeing no one I went back to watching the show. My wife knew I was loving every second of it as we loved playing pee games but this was the first time I could remember that she had wet herself out of shear desperation.
She pulled herself a little closer and wrapped her legs around my right leg and continued to pee. I felt her hot pee soaking into my pants and running down my leg. She looked at me and smiled with relief. "I'm almost finished" she said. After a few more seconds she gave me a little kiss on the cheek. "All done" she announced. "Get me out of here before someone see's me" she said. We threw our fire coats into the car to protect our seats and climbed in and headed home. Whe we got home we removed our now sweaty and pee soaked clothes and threw them into the washer and then we climbed into the shower to get cleaned up. Afterwards we headed to bed and had a long lovemaking session and then slept the rest of the day. I looked forward to our next 4 alarm fire.