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When I was a kid I went to summer camp for several years. It was located in a state park about 45 minutes away from where I grew up. One year after I got married the camp sent out letters inviting all the old campers to a reunion weekend. My wife and I decided to go up and spend the weekend. We arrived around 5:30PM and signed in and spent some time seeing who all had come. I saw many old friends I had not seen for years and we talked about old times and shared stories about things that had happened at the camp. Dinner was served at around 6:30PM followed by a Large Campfire down by the lake that was always a traditional opening for each camp session. We were given our cabin assignments and went to turn in for the evening as we were told we had a long day planned tomorrow. We carried our suitcase into the cabin and turned on the lights. "Where's the bathroom?" my wife asked looking around the cabin. "Down the path" I told her. "In the woods?" she asked. "No silly, The latrine. It's a big building just down that path" I said pointing her in the right direction. My wife took a flashlight and headed off down the trail. I had barely made it back into the cabin when my wife appeared in the doorway. "That was fast" I told her. "You have to be joking" she replied "That place is full of spiders and bugs I'm not going in there" "I'll go see if they have some bug spray" I told her. "I don't have time for that I'm about to piss all over myself" she replied crossing her legs. "I guess you'll have to go in the woods" I told her. "Your coming with me, I'm not going out there alone" she said. She grabbed my hand and almost pulled me out the door and around the side of the cabin.
We went around the back of the cabin and my wife quickly began to undo her pants. She handed me the flashlight and pulled her jeans and thongs down and dropped into a high squat right next to me. "Make sure no one's coming" she said. Her bladder exploded and her piss shot out in a hard hissing stream and splashed onto the ground just inches from my feet. She reached out and grabbed my waist to steady herself as she pissed. Of course I just had to give her a good scare. "Is that a snake?" I said. "Where!" she screamed. She jumped up from her squatting position and her stream shot forward and splashed against my legs before coming to an end. "Very funny" she said. "I think I just pissed on you, serves you right" She pulled up her jeans and headed back into the cabin. The next morning we got up and headed down to the bathhouse to get cleaned up for the day. We found the place empty so we locked the door and decided to take a quick shower together to save time. I went into the stall and took a long morning piss. "OK it's all yours" I said as I exited the bathroom. I removed my robe and stepped into the shower. "Fuck you I'm not getting bitten on the ass by a black widow spider" she replied. "So what you going to do?" I asked her.
"I'll just piss in the shower" she said. She climbed into the shower and backed up against the wall. She spread her legs apart and reached down to hold her lips apart. I stepped up and stood directly in front her. "You look sexy doing that" I told her. "You better move, I'm getting ready to pee and if you don't think I'll piss on you just stand there and find out" she replied. I had no intentions of moving. "Here it comes" she said, as if giving a final warning. I began to feel her piss spray out and splash against my cock and run down my legs. My penis jumped to attention in the wake of her warm golden shower. "I told you I'd pee on you" she said. I moved in even closer and leaned in kissing her gently on the side of her neck. Her piss was now splashing against me and spraying us both as it bounced off my body. When she finished peeing I quickly moved in and slipped my cock into her dripping wet gash and with a few quick thrusts I shot my load deep inside her. We took a quick shower and headed back up to the cabin. Inside we went back to bed and I went down on her until she reached a powerful climax. By the time we got dressed and headed up to the mess hall breakfast was over. We decided to drive into town and get a quick bite to eat before returning to the camp. "I still can't beleive you just stood there and let me piss on you this morning" my wife said. "Is that what got you so horny?" "I guess it was" I replied. "Well remind me to pee on you more often" she said. We got some breakfast at a local diner and returned to the camp and ate in our cabin.
We then went and joined the others for the days activities. It was just like being back at camp. Arts and Crafts, Horseback riding, Archery and more. That evening we had a banquet and the a dance that lasted until almost 11PM. After the dance my wife and I returned to our cabin to call it a night. As we closed the door my wife exclamined "I've got to pee NOW!" "Want to go in the woods?" I asked. "No, this time I planned ahead." She went and got her drink cup from breakfast this morning and brought it over to me. "I'll use this..but you'll have to hold it for me OK?" She quickly removed her pants and thongs and spread her legs apart. "Hold it under me and I'll do it in the cup" she instructed. I placed the cup between her legs and she looked down to adjust her aim. "I'll try and go slow so it won't splash" she said. A few seconds later her piss came out in a slow but steady steam directly into the plastic cup. I felt the outside of the cup turning warm as it filled with her urine. As the pee neared the top of the cup she was showing no signs of slowing down. "OK it's full" I told her. A look of panic crossed her face." I'm not close to being finished and I can't stop" she replied. I watched as the urine reached the rim of the cup and began to overflow running over my fingers and splashing onto the floor. Lucky for us the cabin floor were build of old boards and the piss just ran between the boards and fell to the ground below. She continued to pee for almost another 30 seconds as the cup overflowed. At last her stream ended and she shook the last remaining drops off her pubic hair. I raised the cup to my lips and took a large sip just to be able to move the cup without spilling it everywhere. "You going to drink my piss?" she asked. The thought had not really crossed my mind but now it sounded like a really sexy idea. I drank down her still warm nector in about 4 large gulps. We quickly climbed into bed and had one of the best lovemaking sessions we've had in years before drifting off to sleep. The next morning we woke up early to get to the showers before anyone else. I headed for the toilet but my wife grabbed my hand. "Where are you going?" she asked. "I have to pee" I replied. "Well why should you have all the fun? Piss on me" she said. I could hardly beleive my ears. We climbed in the shower and my wife knelt down on the floor. I aimed my cock at her beautiful tits and let go with a huge stream of piss. She began rubbing my pee on her body as I continued to piss. At last my stream ended and my wife stood up, Her body glistening wet with my pee. "Now it's your turn..lay down" I lay down on my back and my wife straddled my body and dropped into a squat just above my face. "Open your mouth" she instructed. I did as I was told. "Now drink" she said as she relaxed her bladder and began to pee a strong and steady stream onto my face and into my mouth. I swallowed down as much of her hot piss as I could letting the rest splash across my face. When she finally finished we again showered and retuned to the cabin for a final lovemaking session before getting ready to leave. As everyone was saying their goodbyes I remembered thinking I had never had quite so much fun before at summer camp but I'm already planning to attend next years reunion.