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Wetting & Pee Stories - Ace Jeans Company Ace Jeans Company



The ad sounded just like what Kimberly needed. It was close to
Christmas and she could sure use the extra money..plus who
could pass up a free pair of jeans?

Kimbery had called the number and after a brief interview over the
phone they asked her to meet them at a fancy hotel downtown
Saturday morning at 9 AM.

When She showed up their were four other very pretty girls waiting
as well. "Are you girls here for the jeans thing?" she asked. They
said they were but the men from the company had not arrived yet.

A few minutes later 3 men dressed in suits arrived carrying a couple
of boxes. One of the men was carrying a briefcase.
They showed the girls a buisness card and told them they
had a room upstairs where they would be conducting the tests.
They all went upstairs to a very nice suite.

There the men opened the boxes and dumped out some brand new
"Ace" Bluejeans in assorted sizes. They asked the ladies to take
the jeans and go into the other room and find the pair that fit them
best, put them on and come back. After the girls returned the men
filled out some paperwork and had each girl sign a waiver.

Then one of the men explained about the test.

"We are testing a new line of jeans for ladies with bladder control
problems" he said. "We hear from so many women who get very
upset when they sneeze or cough or laugh and end up with a wet
patch on their crotch"

The girls kind of looked at each other and wondered.

He Continued. "We have treated each pair of the jeans you are
wearing with a new NASA developed chemical that no matter
how wet they get the wetness never shows through."

"So what does that have to do with us?" One of the girls asked.

"Well our developers said we could try pouring water on them...things
like that..but the only way to have a true field test is to have a lady
actually pee in them" He looked at the girls faces "And to have a
100% foolproof test they suggested we have the girls empty their
bladders completely into the jeans to check for signs of material
color change"

"You want us to piss ourselves?" one girl said.

"I know it sounds crazy...and if any of you want to back out now
we understand and you can keep the jeans just for coming down
but it's easy money and our company has authorized us to include
a $100 bonus for each lady who completes the test for a total of
$400 each...CASH ! ." The man said.

Kimbery really didn't like the prospect of having to pee herself..but
$400 was a lot of money and she could really use it this close to

"I'm in" said Kimberly. "Me too" said another girl. Finally all the girls
agreed to take part in the test.

Their's a little problem" One girl said. "I just peed before I got here and I
don't have to go"

"No worries" the man said. "Thats why we allowed 2 hours for the test"

He gathered up his briefcase. "We are going to escort you lovely ladies downstairs
to the hotel Bar where you can drink all you want compliments of the Ace Bluejeans
company" he said.

He opened up his briefcase to reveal a stack of fifty and hundred dollar bills. He gave
each girl a crisp fifty dollar bill to buy their drinks. "This is NOT part of your payment"
he explained "You will each still receive a full $400 upon completion of the test"

They took the elevator down to the lobby and went into the bar. Kimberly ordered a
beer...they filled her up faster than anything else she could drink. An hour and 5
beers later Kimberly was almost doing the pee dance. The girls all met back in the
lobby where they were all squirming. The men returned to escort them back upstairs.

As they waited for the elevator one of the girls said "If this elevator does not hurry up
I'm going to test these jeans right here." Everyone kind of giggled. When they returned
to the room they found the men had placed a large tarp on the floor and had set up a
small video camera.

"OK ladies...here's how we are going to do this...we figured it will be much faster if you
all went at the same time....so we want you to just stand side by side on the tarp and
when we give you the OK you can all just let go." He handed one of the other men a
digital camera. "After your all finished we will check for any changes in the jeans color
and perhaps take a few photos...don't worry your faces will not show in any of the video
or pictures we'll be making. After that we'll say goodbye and leave you ladies alone to
shower and change clothes. By the say the suite here is paid for until tomorrow so if
any of you ladies wish to spend the night help yourself...it's on us"

The girls all lined up on the tarp...by now they were all squirming and very desperate.

"OK Ladies here we go....1....2...3 GO! " The man said.

Kimberly relaxed and her bladder let loose. It felt so strange standing there pissing herself
in front of 3 men and 4 other girls but she had to pee and she didn't care..plus since the jeans
didn't show wetness it wouldn't be that bad anyway. She spread her legs a little further apart
and continued to piss.

"What the fuck?" one of the girls said. Kimberly looked over and suddenly noticed all the girls
jeans were drenched with the wet spots growing quickly. She looked down and saw her jeans
were wet too...she tried to stop her flow but couldn't...she continued peeing. When she was
finally finished she was drenched. The men looked puzzled.

"You idiots" The head man said "You guys must have grabbed the box of untreated jeans."
He tried to calm the girls down who by now were all very upset. "You guys run down to the
van and get the box of treated jeans." The guys hurried out the door. "Don't worry girls I'll
make this right..and I'll call the company..we'll double your pay to test the right ones"

A couple of minutes later his cell phone rang. "OK Hang on" he said. "Those jerks can't even remember
to take the keys to the van to unlock it....I'll be right back" He hurried out the door...his briefcase in hand.

The girls all stood there dripping wet...Kimberly still felt like she had to pee and released another long
drizzle into her already wet jeans.

After about five minutes something just didn't seem right. Kimberly got on the phone and called the hotel
lobby. "Are the men from the Ace Bluejeans company down there?" she asked. "Who?" the operator asked.
"The bluejeans men....room 514" Their was a pause. "Room 514..Oh Mr Smith...no he and his friends just
checked out...checkout time is 11 AM you know."

About that time their was a knock on the door. "Housekeeping" The voice said. Kimberly cracked the door
open just a little. "We'll be gone in a few minutes...theirs been a little misunderstanding" she told the lady at
the door.

As the other girls took their showers Kimberly found the ad from the paper in her purse and called the number
listed. "Joe's" a voice answered. "Is this the Ace Jeans Company?" she asked. "No" the man said "It's Joe's
Bar on 18th Ave South" Kimberly hung up the phone.

By Monday Kimberly was ready to start a new work week and forget all about being the victim of someones sick
preverted prank. Kimberly was getting settled at her desk when her best friend Tina stopped by. "How was your
weekend?" Tina said. "Don't ask" Kimberly replied. Tina was about to leave when she stopped in her tracks.
"Oh did you hear what that radio station WKWQ did saturday?" She said. "They bet 3 guys $5,000 they couldn't
get 5 girls to piss in their jeans and let them watch..and I'll be damned if they didn't do it...they have pictures and even
a video up on their website...you should check it out...what a bunch of suckers....See you at lunch"

Kimberly knew then it was time to get revenge.