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Wetting & Pee Stories - Strip Club Pee Strip Club Pee

It had been a couple of years since I had been to the beach. Each time I go I always enjoy a trip to the one of the local strip clubs. I had never been to the club before during December. Before when I went they were always very busy but this time the place was almost empty..even on a Saturday night. The main stage was closed and the girls were dancing on the runway stage. It seemed that their were more dancers than customers so it didn't take long for one of the girls to come over and sit down at my table. I was never one to throw a lot of money around so usually after a few minutes the girls would move on to find a person who was spending more money to hang on. However tonight was so slow the girls outnumbered the guys so they sat and talked with anyone who wanted to listen. Her name was Sandy and she was a real beauty..the kind you might see in a penthouse magazine. She had a body that made you drool with nice firm breasts and an ass you could bounce a quarter off. The kind of girl who normally would not bother to give you the time of day let alone sit down and talk to you. I bought her a drink and we sat and talked. The more we talked the more I found out that she was really no different than most girls. She was working her way through college and had been working at the club just under a year. She lived almost 2 hours away and she would drive down for the weekend and then go back Sunday night. She was out for vacation now until the first of the year so she was staying with one of the other girls that lived at the beach. She told me that on a busy night she could make anywhere from $500 to $2000 dancing but that tonight had been so slow she had only made $32 all evening and most of that was dollar bills the men would slip under her garter. She explained they made their good money in the "Fantasy Rooms" in the back. I had seen many people go back there when I had been to the club before but had never been myself. I asked her what the difference was between a "table dance" in the main room and a Fantasy Room dance. She said that the rooms were just one on one..no one else around and that the dances in the back were "Hands on" where the dances up front were "eyes only" No touching allowed. Of course the prices were much higher with a table dance being only $10 and a Fantasy Room dance cost anywhere from $50 for one song to $500 for a full hour. I guess thats why I had never tried one before. It came time for Sandy to dance and she told me she would be back after her time on stage. I pulled up my seat and watched the show. She was a great dancer and could twist her body into positions that would put me in intensive care. Being as I was one of only about 6 customers in the entire place and the only one sitting at the stage (Most of the others were busy talking to other dancers) Sandy spent most of her time on stage right in front of me. When she removed her top she revealed a near perfect set of breasts with perky little nipples. Her G-String was so tiny I still don't see how it covered all of pussy. I watched as she wiggled her perfect little butt just inches from my face. She turned around and pulled my head forward and bounced my face between her tits. It was almost like my own private show.
I slipped a $10 bill in her G-string. After her show was over Sandy came back to the table and sat down. "Did you like the show?" she asked. I told her yes. She thanked me for the Ten dollars, she said most guys only give ones. We talked a little longer and really got to know each other. I'm sure most dancers don't spend time getting to know the patrons but it was slow and their really was not much else to do. Then the DJ announced that for the next 3 songs you could get a half price Fantasy Room show. I figured what the heck..and I knew Sandy would appreciate the extra money so I told her I wanted a private show. We headed for the back and found a empty room. As we waited for the next song to start Sandy leaned over and whispered in my ear. "I'll be back..I've got to go pee..if I don't go now I might not make through your song." I'm not really sure why..maybe it was the drinks I had talking but before I could even think about it I said, "Man I'd love to see that". I think I was as surprised at what I said as Sandy was and I was about to apoligize before she slapped me in the face and called me a pervert. Instead Sandy looked me in the eyes and said "Oh you would, huh?" She grinned an evil little smile.
"Quick..finish your drink and hand me your glass" she said. I gulped down the last of my drink and gave her the glass. Sandy spread her legs slightly and placed the glass against her crotch. "If you want to watch get ready cause it's comming" she said. I saw her G-string turn dark and a stream of pee poured from the center and fell neatly into the glass. She looked down and watched as the glass filled up. Her stream ended just before the urine reached the top of the glass. She took the glass and poured the pee down a sink in the corner of the room. "So did you enjoy that?" she asked. I nodded yes. The next song started and Sandy went to work. She quickly removed her top and began to rub her body against mine. I looked at her lovely breasts but still felt a little uncomfortable touching them. "Give them a squeeze, they won't bite I promise" Sandy said. They felt as firm as they looked and I rolled her nipples between my fingers. Getting up all my courage I reached between her legs and felt her thong. It was still damp with her piss. She straddled my leg and began to bub herself up and down my thigh. She reached down and rubbed my hardon though my pants. I continued to play with her tits. Then she leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "I got a surprise for you".
She pulled herself against my body and held me close. Suddenly I felt a strange warmth on my thigh. I looked down and saw a wet spot on my pants. Sandy had peed on me. "I hope you don't mind" she said "I had a little left over" I told her it felt wonderful. "I might have a little more, want me to just finish?" she asked. I pulled her up to me and told her to go ahead. She closed her eyes and relaxed. Her stream started again and I felt her hot pee running down my leg. I think she had to go a little more than she thought but she made no attempt to stop until her bladder was empty. She continued to rub my now throbbing hard on and just before she finished peeing my cock exploded inside my pants. After it was all over Sandy looked down at me. "Oh no..your drenched..I'm so sorry" she said. I said it was quite OK, I loved it!
I gave her $100 and a kiss on the cheek. As we walked back out to the club the bouncer looked down at my wet pants. "Poor guy got so excited he spilled his drink all over himself" Sandy told him. We both laughed as we headed back to our table. It was a night I'll never forget and I know where I'm going next time I go to the beach..I just hope Sandy is still there.