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Wetting & Pee Stories - Cindy's Deerhunting Golden Shower Cindy's Deerhunting Golden Shower

Fiction by Wetmanjf

Cindy had always been kind of wild. Straight everyday sex always seemed boring to her. She was always looking to try something different. For years her father had a collection of hardcore German porno magazines that he had hidden in the basement. Cindy found them and would sneek a couple up to her room and masturbate while looking at the pictures. They featured women tied up or in Fem-Dom kind of roles but the ones that intrigued her the most showed women either peeing on or being peed on by other men and women. Cindy had never had any real life experinces with watersports. At school other girls would often pee in the shower instead of using the toilet and she would watch them and wonder what it would feel like to feel their hot piss spray over her body. At home she had even laid down in the bathtub and arched her back throwing her feet over her head and pissed all over herself but she figured it was just not the same as another person doing it. She had never actually seen a boy pee. Her senior year in high school she met a step brother of one of her friends from school. He lived out of state and was down for a weekend visit.
They kind of hit it off and went out on a couple of dates. The night before he was to leave and go home they were playing a game of dare. You dare the other person to do something and if they do it then you must do what they dare you to do. The first person to chicken out loses. She dared him to let her watch him pee. He told her he would but he didn't have to go right then so after she did her dare he could probably do it. He dared her to give him a blowjob. At first she was going to say no but then she thought this might be her only chance to get to watch a boy pee so she agreed as long as he promised not to cum in her mouth.
He assured her he would give her plenty of warning so she put his cock in her mouth and went to work.
After about 10 minutes he got very quiet and she could tell something was about to happen. "Lookout I'm cumming" he said. Before he even finished the sentence his cock exploded filling her mouth with salty cum.
She almost gagged as she pulled his cock out of her mouth. He was still cumming and a blast hit her in the face. She spit his semen out on the floor as she wiped the cum off her face. "OK now it's your turn for a dare" she told him. "Are you kidding? I'm not going to let you watch me pee..that's gross" He said and he pulled up his clothes and left. Cindy was devestated. She never saw him again.

Before starting her freshman year in college she met Mike. He had just moved into the area about a month ago and they soon became good friends. Mike had a girlfriend but she lived out of town..even so Mike never showed any interest in Cindy besides just a good friend. One day Mike asked Cindy if she would like to go deer hunting with him. Cindy had never been hunting before but she figured it would be a good way to spend some time with Mike alone. They left before dawn and traveled to a heavily wooded area a few miles from home. They unpacked all their gear and headed into the woods to Mike's tree stand. As they got to a clearing Mike stopped and set his gear down on the ground. "If you need to take a leak you better go now...you can't pee around the stand because the smell scares away the deer and it may be a while before we take a break" Mike told her. He walked a couple of feet away to a small tree and unzipped his jeans pulling out his cock and taking aim he unleashed a rather large stream of piss onto the ground. Cindy did her best to try and pretend to look the other way but she could not help but watch as he urinated just a couple of feet from where she was standing. His stream made a really cool sound as it splashed onto the leaves on the ground. She tried to imagine what it would feel like to feel his stream spraying all over her body. He seemed to pee forever. I think he soon noticed that Cindy was watching. "Too much coffee" he joked as his stream finally slowed and then ended. He zipped up and went to get his gear. "If you want some privacy I'll go on ahead and you can catch up" He told her.The weather was fairly cool and Cindy had on several layers of clothes. Even though she felt a slight urge to use the bathroom she didn't feel like having to work her way out of all those clothes. "That's OK I don't have to pee..I just went before I left the house" she told him. They continued on into the woods and soon found Mike's deer stand. They hoisted their gear up to the stand and then climbed up the ladder. The stand was actually much bigger then Cindy expected. They had plenty of room for all the stuff and a good bit of room to move around. They got everything set up and they waited. And they waited. Several hours went by and they didn't see the first deer. By now Cindy was regretting her decision not to empty her bladder before getting up in the stand. "How long until we take a bathroom break?" Cindy asked Mike. Mike looked at his watch. "I guess now would be as good a time as any..I got to go pretty bad myself" he said. Just as they were about to climb down a group of deer came out of the woods into the clearing. "Don't move" Mike whispered "We'll scare them away if we get down" he told her. "But I really need to tinkle" Cindy said to Mike. "So do I...just hold it a while longer" he replied. "The big one looks like a 10 pointer" Mike said. "That's nice" Cindy replied. Whatever that means she thought to herself. "Why don't you just shoot it so we can go pee" Cindy asked impatiently. "They are too far away..I can't get a good shot. We need to wait until they move closer" he told her. The deer seemed to be in no big hurry walking around the far edge of the woods looking for food. Mike was soon becoming more desperate as his bladder neared it's capacity. "Has this ever happened to you before?" Cindy asked.
"Lot's of times..normally we just bring a large plastic jug and pee into it but I didn't think that would be appropriate with you coming along." he informed her. The deer moved a little closer but Mike had to pee so bad he could not lay down to get a good shot. "What's wrong?" Cindy asked. "I have to piss so bad I can't relax enough to get a good shot" he told her. "Just go in your plastic jug" Cindy suggested. "I would but since you were coming along I didn't bring it" He told her. Suddenly Cindy got a crazy idea. "Just do it on me" Cindy suggested. Mike's jaw almost hit the ground. "Do what?" He said. "Why don't you pee on me...I won't mind. I'm wearing lots of clothes and I'm sure they will absorb it all" she said. At first Mike looked at Cindy like she had lost her mind but then he looked at that trophy buck moving closer towards them and the idea didn't sound that crazy. "Your joking?" Mike said trying to see if Cindy was really serious. "No I really won't mind...if it's your only choice" Cindy told him. Mike hesitated a second longer then stood up and started to unzip his pants. "I'm going to owe you a BIG favor" Mike told Cindy as her pulled out his cock.
Cindy could not beleive what was happening. She was about to find out what it felt like to be peed on by another person. Cindy knelt down in front of him admiring his fairly large penis. "Aim right here" Cindy told him pointing at her shirt just below her neck. Her large cleavage gave him a very inviting target. Cindy trembled as she watched him aim his cock at her chest and she waited for his stream to begin. She didn't have to wait long. His stream poured out and played against her shirt. She watched as the fabric turned dark and the stain spread out but she still was not feeling anything other than a gentle splash on her face. At last his continuing stream penetrated the inner layers of clothing and she felt the warmth of his piss spread across her breasts. The warm pee spread downward and covered her stomach and ran down onto her pussy.
Her own need to piss was overwhelming but she managed to hang on...she had more plans. At last his stream slowed to a trickle and he drizzled the last of his piss down onto her lap. Shaking off the final drops he zipped up and reached for his gun. She looked down and admired his work. The entire front of her outfit was drenched with his piss. The sound of his gunfire broke the silence and the large buck dropped in his tracks. He set the gun down and went to climb down to admire his trophy buck. "Where are you going?" she asked him. "I'll be right back...." He started. She interupted him in mid sentence. "Get over here, It's my turn" she told him. "Your turn?" he asked. "Yes. You said you owed me a BIG favor, well this is it. You used me as your bathroom now I get to use you as mine" she told him. He didn't really know what to say and suddenly the idea was sounding kind of interesting. She led him over and had him lie down on the floor of the tree stand. She peeled off the layers of her wet clothes until she reached her underwear. She stepped over him and squatted down positioning her pussy above his chest. "Now just be quiet and be a good toilet" she told him. She looked down and smiled as she hovered over his chest. "Here it comes" she told him. Her piss sprayed out in a wide hissing stream that quickly soaked his shirt and hit him in the face. She moved back and forth soaking him with her hot piss as he rubbed his cock through his now wet jeans. She peed for the better part of a minute before her stream came to a rather abrupt end. He quickly removed his drenched clothes and they made love until they climaxed almost in unison. After it was all over they got dresses in some spare outfits they had brought along just in case they got dirty tracking the deer. He went and brought his 4 wheeler in and they returned to his vehicle with his prize 10 point buck. Each time she visits his house she can't help but smile when she see's the deer head mounted above his fireplace. She's hoping one day soon he'll invite her to go hunting again.