Wetman's Stories

Wetting & Pee Stories - Mike and Michelles Wet Weekend Mike and Michelles Wet Weekend

Michelle had always felt like she was a little weird. She had a secret that was so unbeleivable that she was afraid to tell anyone. Once in college she had gone fishing with this guy down at a local pond. Michelle was not really much of a fisherman but this guy was cute and she enjoyed spending time with him. They spent the entire morning fishing all alone at the pond. After about 3 hours of fishing the guy reeled in his line and laid his pole down on the bank. "I'll be right back" he told Michelle as he got up and started walking towards a wooded area nearby. "Where are you going?" Michelle asked. "I've got to take a leak" the guy told her as he headed into the woods. Michelle felt her heart race. For some reason the idea that he was going to pee in the woods got Michelle excited. She had never really seen a man pee before..at least not close up. Michelle decided to see if she could sneek a peek. As she wandered into the woods she began to hear a splashing sound behind some trees. As she peered around the trees she saw the guy standing there sending his stream splashing to the ground. Michelle froze and watched as he continued to spray the ground below. Suddenly he became aware of her presence and he quickly cut off his stream stuffing his cock back into his jeans. "What the hell are you doing?" he yelled at her. "I'm sorry I was just curious" Michelle told him. "You must be one sick bitch if you get off watching guys piss" He told her. Michelle was crushed. They packed up their fishing gear and he drove her home. She never saw him again. Michelle began to wonder if she was in fact that crazy. Was she the only person in the world that found this exciting?
Then one day Michelle decided to surf the net and see what she could find. She went to a search engine and typed in the word URINE. She found a bunch of medical articles and information on bladder control.
Maybe she was being to technical. She went back and typed in the word PISS. Jackpot! She found site after site dealing with watersports..golden showers..pants pissing and more. She was not alone!! She spent the next several hours surfing the sites taking in as much information as she could find. She did discover one thing. She was a minority when it came to watersports. Most pictures were of women peeing not men. It seemed that a lot more men found this exciting than women. Finally she found what she was looking for...a watersports chatroom. She logged in under the name CURIOUS WET GIRL. She found the room full of people. Michelle had very little experience with chat rooms so she had no idea what to expect. Suddenly she got a Private Message... "Can I piss is your ass??" Before she knew it another PM flashed up..."Hey want to suck my cock?" and then another..."Will you shit in my mouth?" She was stunned. Were all guys in chat rooms this rude?. She began closing the windows as fast as they popped up. Then she found the ignore user feature and she began blocking out users...before long almost no one was left. "What a bunch of losers" Michelle thought. Her spirit was again crushed. She was just about to close the chatroom window when a user approched her in the main room. "What are you curious about?" asked a user named DAMPGUY. Michelled hestiated and then replied..."Men peeing" she typed. "Do you like to see men pee?" he asked. "Yes, But I've really only seen one..but it got me excited" she told him. Before long they moved their chat to another more quiet room. Over the course of the next two weeks they spent more and more time chatting on the computer. She learned his name was Mike and he lived in a town about an hours drive from where she lived. They were both fairly new at watersports and didn't have any real life watersports experience. Soon they exchanged phone numbers and they began to talk on the phone about their intrests.
They began to pee for each other on the phone. She loved to hear his stream spash loudly into his toilet and he was amazed at the hissing sound her pee made as it left her body. At last they decide to take things a step further..they decided to go out on a date. They met on a Friday night at a public place..the foodcourt at a major mall. After sitting and talking for almost an hour they went out to eat. He took her to a fancy resturant and they enjoyed a nice meal. Mike was a local college student and turned out to be a real gentleman. He was never pushy and they spent most of the evening learning more about each other. They went back to the mall so Michelle could pick up her car. It was then that they decided to spend the weekend together. Mike suggested they stay at a fancy hotel in the downtown area..Michelle said that would be fine.
Before they left to go to the hotel Mike told Michelle that he needed to pee and really didn't think he could make it back into town. Michelle asked if he wanted to go back into the mall and use the restroom. They were in a rather secluded area with very few cars around. "I could go right here in the parking lot if that's OK with you" Mike suggested. Michelle was hoping he would say that. He took a quick look around to make sure there were no mall security guards around and she unzipped his pants and aimed his cock at the pavement. Michelle watched closely waiting for his stream to begain. She didn't have to wait long. His piss shot out and splashed onto the pavement in front of her. It was dark but she still had a great view of what was happening. She moved in a little closer..his stream now hitting the pavement just a few inches from her feet. "It's probably splashing all over your shoes" Mike warned her. "That's OK I don't care" Michelle told him. Mike's stream continued. "Boy your really did have to pee" Michelle said. "I told you I wouldn't make it to the hotel" Mike replied. At last Mike finished and he shook off the last few drops and zipped up just before a car came driving by. They got into their cars and went to the hotel. It was nothing like Michelle had imagined. This was a fancy place. They checked in and took their stuff upstairs. The room was amazing with a large garden tub and a jacuzzi. Michelle was still a little nervous..she had never really done anything like this before and she had no idea what to expect. By now her own bladder was begging for relief. "I guess I'd better use the bathroom" Michelle told Mike. Mike suggested that since they were new at this that perhaps the first time he just watch. Michelle felt relieved. She knew she wanted to do new things but she was not sure if she was quite able to give him a golden shower just yet. They went into the bathroom and Michelle got ready to sit on the toilet...then she decided to try something different. "Want me to pee in the shower?
You'll be able to see better" Mike agreed. Michelle removed her pants and laid them on the floor. "Want me to go in my panties or take them off ?" She asked. Mike asked her to take them off so she did. Michelle stepped into the shower and spread her legs apart. "Are you ready ?" she asked. Mike nodded. Michelle tried to pee but nothing happened. Michelle never thought of herself as being Pee shy but she had never tried to pee with a guy looking right at her before. She tried harder..still nothing. "Want me to turn on some water?" Mike asked. Michelle said that might help so Mike turned on the water in the sink. Michelle closed her eyes and listened to the sound of the running water. At last Michelle felt her bladder giving way. "Get ready, It's comming." she told Mike. Her stream started as a trickle but quickly turned into a wide hissing spray that shot out from between her legs. She opened her eyes to see Mike watching intently. He reached out and held his hand in her stream..she made no attempt to stop him. Michelle also felt streams of warm pee running down her legs. She often peed in the shower but always with the water running..the feeling of her own hot pee running down her legs sent chills up her spine. After almost a minute her stream finally slowed and ended with a series of dribbles that fell to the floor below. Mike handed her some tissue and she wiped herself dry. She washed off her piss covered feet and they went to the bedroom..grabbed a beer and began to fill up again. They watched some TV and discussed their plans for the weekend. About 45 minutes later Michelle felt the call of nature once again. She was about to say something when Mike beat her to the punch. "I don't know about you but I really need to pee again" he told her. Michelle realized he had gone long before she did so she was sure by now he was getting pretty desperate. "So do you want to watch?" Mike asked her. "No..I want it...I want you to pee on me" Michelle told him. Mike seemed thrilled.
They quickly stripped off their clothes and climbed into the garden tub. Michelle sat down and Mike stood in front of her. Michelle told Mike that anything from the neck down was a fair target. "Soak me" me pleaded. Michelle reached out and began to fondle Mike's cock. "Don't get me hard or I won't be able to pee" Mike warned her. Mike reached down and took his cock in his hand and took aim at Michelle's waiting body. Michelle felt like her heart was going a hundred miles a minute. She had imagined what this would be like...her deepest fantasy was about to become reality. She trembled as she waited for her first golden shower. At last Mike unleashed his golden liquid. His piss sprayed against her breasts and ran down her body soaking her crotch. His urine was warm..almost hot and had almost no smell. He played his stream back and forth against her breasts then worked his way down until he was hitting her clit with his hard stream. This was more than Michelle could handle and she rocked back in climax as he continued to piss.
He seemed to pee forever but at last his stream slowed and ended. Michelle still tingled from her orgasm
but she quickly bacame aware of her own need for relief. She told Mike to lay down in the tub and she got to her feet and then squatted down over him. "Your turn" she told him. She relaxed her bladder and began to spray Mike with a hissing stream that covered his body. Mike reached down and stroked his cock as Michelle continued to empty her bladder. Before her stream ended Mike climaxed and his cum bounced off Michelles butt as she finished peeing. Michelle knew at that very minute that she had found what she was looking for. After a long and relaxing shower to get cleaned up they retreated to the bed and quickly fell asleep in each others arms knowing that tomorrow would hold even more wet adventures.