Wetman's Stories

Wetting & Pee Stories - Desperation with Laura Desperation with Laura

One night a female friend of mine came over to watch some TV and drink a few beers. Laura was very pretty and even though we never really had a romantic relationship we had been close friends for years. I had never told her about my fetish for pee but somehow I think she had an idea. Conversations often included accounts of times she got desperate and had to pee in strange places. One of my favorite stories was about a night when she had been out drinking with some friends. She said by the time they dropped her off at home she was pretty drunk. She said she got to her bedroom and then started to go down the hall to the bathroom for a much needed pee when she heard the TV on in her parents room. She would have to walk right past their room to get to the bathroom and she was afraid they might hear her and she would get in trouble for coming home so wasted. She said she went back into her bedroom and locked the door. She looked around for a cup or some other container to pee in but found nothing. She said by now her "eyeballs were floating" and if she didn't do something quick she was going to wet her pants. Then out of pure desperation she gathered up several pieces of dirty clothes and put them in a pile on the floor.
She stripped off her pants and panties adding her now damp panties to the pile and squatted over the dirty laundry. She said she had no sooner squatted down when her bladder gave way and she peed for almost two minutes. After she finished she wiped off with the corner of one of her shirts. She hid the wet clothes under her bed until the next morning and then gathered them up and put them in the washer before anyone else woke up. The mental image of my friend squatting down and peeing over a pile of clothes in her bedroom was a fantasy come true.

We drank a couple of beers and watched a police movie on TV when I remembered something a friend of mine left at my house the other day. A set of genuine police issue handcuffs. I went and got them out of the drawer where I had put them and showed them to Laura. Making fun of the movie we were watching I told her she was under arrest and locked one cuff around her wrist and and the other around mine. I told her she was now my prisoner. We both laughed and sat on the couch handcuffed together and watched the rest of the movie. After the movie was over Laura got up and held up our wrists. "Get these things off, I have to go pee" she announced. We went over to the drawer and I looked around but found no key. "Stop playing games and let me go before I piss all over myself" Laura said. I noticed she was crossing her legs and doing a little "pee pee dance". I told her I was not joking..I thought my friend left the key but now I was not sure. I got on the phone and called him. He said he found the key in his pants pocket but figured I would not be dumb enough the lock them without first making sure I had a key. He said he would bring the key over but it would take him at least 30 minutes to get there. By now Laura was not a happy camper. I could tell by the look in her eyes she was serious about how bad she had to pee. She tried sitting on the couch, crossing her legs, even holding her crotch but she said it did not help. I was starting to feel a need to go myself but I think Laura was the worst off. About 15 minutes later my friend called back and said he was going to be a while. Seems he had a flat tire and was having to wait for someone to help him change it. When I informed Laura of this she said "That's it we have to do SOMETHING!" We came up with a plan where Laura would go into the bathroom and I would stay outside the door stretching my arm into the bathroom. We tried to do this but the toilet was too far into the room for Laura to reach it no matter how far I stretched. By now Laura was dancing around and squeezing her legs together in a last minute effort to avoid a disaster. Finally Laura said "Fuck this, Get your ass in here" and pulled me into the bathroom with her and shut the door. "Don't just stand there help me get my pants down" she screamed , fumbling at her zipper with her free hand. Together we pulled at her tight jeans getting them over her hips and around her ankles. I noticed a spot about the size of a silver dollar in the crotch of her panties where she had already started to dribble. She pulled her panties down to her knees and sat down on the toliet. No sooner than her butt hit the seat she began to pee a wide hissing stream into the water below. She could have kept her legs together and blocked my view but instead she kept them wide apart giving me a perfect view. I was sitting on the floor right in front of the potty and she was peeing like a racehorse just inches from my face. Her stream was so strong and wide that I felt a few drops hit me. I wondered if she was ever going to finish but after a couple of minutes her stream died down to a trikle and finally ended. I watched as she rolled off some tissue and wiped the few drops of pee left on her pussy. She stood up and together we pulled up her jeans and she zipped up.
By now my bladder was begging for relief and I think Larura noticed my crossed legs. "I guess you have to pee too huh?" she said. I told her yes and she just giggled. "We'll you got a show..what about me?" I figured why not so I unzipped my pants and took aim for the toilet. I was dying to pee but nothing happened. "well whats the problem?" Laura asked. I tried again but still nothing. "Want me to turn on some water?" Laura asked. She reached over and turned on the water in the bathroom sink. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the fact that my friend..that I thought of more as a sister than a lover was standing next to me watching me try and pee. After about another 30 seconds a slow dribble started. The stream started to build and finally I was going full force. I looked at Laura and she seemed fasinated watching me piss. Then without any warning Laura reached over with her free hand and took hold of my cock. "Let me hold it for you" she said. I was too surprized to react and had to pee too bad to stop. She directed the stream in circles in the toilet and splashed some off the rim and onto the floor. "Sorry" she said. I finally finished and Laura shook the last drops off and let go. "I always wanted to "shake the dew off the lilly" she giggled. I could not tell if she was really trying to get something started or if it was just a little too much beer at work. I zipped up and we returned to the living room and where we finished off our beers and watched a little more TV before my friend finally arrived with the key and set us free. He said he was sorry for being so late and Laura told him it was OK that everything "worked out fine". We never really talked much about what happened that night but from that point on whenever we were out and I had to excuse myself to go pee Laura would just smile and say "Don't forget to shake the dew off the lily"