Wetman's Stories

Wetting & Pee Stories - Drinking Pee at 70 MPH Drinking Pee at 70 MPH

My wife and I had been into watersports for several years so we often did things most people would never dream of when it came to peeing. When we took long trips, especially on the interstate my wife would wear a pair of loose fitting sweat pants or shorts. She would bring a large plastic cup from home and when she had to pee she would simply slide to the edge of the seat, adjust her clothes and go in the cup. We would dump it out next time we stopped for food or gas. It cut down on the number of stops we had to make and also kept her from having to wait and find a gas station bathroom (That are often times unfit to use) to take a leak. One trip we had been on the road for several hours that night and my wife was sound asleep in the seat beside me. She was very tired as she had worked all day so I just let her sleep. Just about daybreak she woke up and asked where we were. I told her we were about 25 miles from the next city and when we got there we would stop and eat breakfast. She sat up in the seat and told me that she had to "Piss like a racehorse" and reached in the back seat and got her pee cup. It was summer so she had on only a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt. She moved her seat back and then she slid forward on the seat and pulled her shorts off to the side. She held the cup between her legs and let loose with a huge stream. I always enjoyed the show and had to be careful not to run off the road. Now normally the cup always holds all her pee but she had not been to the bathroom all night so the cup was filling fast. As it reached the top of the cup she managed to cut off her stream. "I've still got to pee more what should I do?" she asked in a panic. I told her to roll down her window and dump the pee out. "Are you nuts if I do that it's going to splash all over the car and me" She replied. Then she handed me the cup. "Drink it!" she shouted. "and hurry because I'm about to start pissing again any second." Now I had drunk her urine many times before but it had always been straight from the source and not from a cup. I looked at the cup full of yellow urine and hesitated. "Quick do something or I'm just going to finish in the floorboard and you can clean up the mess" She said. Not wanting to ruin the carpet in my car I raised the glass and took a gulp. It was still warm and kind of stronger than normal, I guess because it was her first pee of the day. "All of it" she said "Once I start again I'm not going to be able to stop till I'm finished." I took the cup and drank down the remaining pee. She grabbed the cup from my hand and had no sooner placed it between her legs when her bladder let loose again. With a sigh of relief she again almost filled the cup stopping with just an ounce or two to spare. "Want some more?" she joked holding up the cup of pee. To her suprize I took the cup from her and drank down the remaining liquid. When we got to the next town we stopped to eat. As soon as I got out of the car I told her I had to run and empty my bladder of my pee and hers.