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Wetting & Pee Stories - Sandy gives her Boyfriend a Wet Surprise Sandy gives her Boyfriend a Wet Surprise

Sandy planned to surprise her boyfriend today by washing his laundry. She had everything clean and folded and she decided to go the extra mile and even put everything away. She put away his pants and shirts and then took his underwear and socks and went to place them in his drawer. As she moved everything around to make room for the clean clothes she noticed something hidden at the back of the drawer. She reached in and pulled it out...It was a DVD. It had no label so she had no idea what it was.
She took it into the living room and popped it into the DVD player. She sat down and got the remote control and pushed play. She knew it had to be hardcore porno..why else would he hide it from her? She expected to see a pile of naked women having a huge lesbian orgy..or poor innocent girls getting splattered with hot cum. Instead she saw a rather pretty young lady walking down the sidewalk wearing a pair of bluejeans and a T-Shirt. She is carrying a small bag of groceries. She didn't look like your normal porn star...Her tits were not falling out of her shirt and her pants were not too tight. And she certainly was not doing anything sexy...other than being in a hurry to get home she was not doing anything at all. That's it ! This girl is in a awful hurry to get home...surely her lover must be waiting for her with his 10 inch tool in hand. Or perhaps her girlfriend..spread eagle on the bed..ready and waiting for some hot 69 action !! She finally reaches her apartment and opens the door. No one is there. What kind of porno movie is this? Maybe she was wrong..
maybe it's not porno after all. The girl puts her groceries down on the kitchen counter. Suddenly her phone rings. The young girl answers her phone and begins talking. The girl seems awful anxious..like something is wrong..but what could it be? She finally hangs up her phone and begins putting away her groceries. I guess I was wrong...I guess it's not porno. Why the fuck does this girl keep grabbing her crotch? Sandy is about to turn the movie off when the girl lets out a moan.."What the hell is she doing?" Sandy thought. Sandy watches intently. Suddenly her crotch begins to glisten. OMG she's pissing herself !! Sandy watches in disbelief as the girl drenches her bluejeans standing in the kitchen. When she finishes peeing she goes back to putting away her groceries as if nothing happened. Sandy watched scene after scene as this same girl pissed her pants and panties in almost every way possible. Was this her boyfriends secret fantasy? Was he a closet watersports fan? Why had he not told her? Sandy was pretty open minded and always willing to try something new. Recently their lovelife had been far from perfect. Yes they had sex..but not the kind of wild animal, rip your clothes off, got to have more, type sex like they had when they first met.
Sandy had been trying to make things more exciting..suggesting new positions..trying new techniques..looking for ways to excite him but nothing seemed to work. Maybe this was just the thing she needed to put that spark back into their lovelife. Her boyfriend had no idea that she had seen his DVD. She looked at the clock..she had almost 3 hours before her boyfriend got home. She decided to give him a surprise he would never forget. She found herself a nice pair of jeans..not too tight...but they showed off her firm round ass very well. A cute T-Shirt...and no bra..so her nipples showed through nicely. She almost looked like the girl on the DVD. She went to the fridge and got herself a beer..."better get two so I can get a good start" she thought. She sat down to watch TV and began to drink. Sandy had always been a good drinker..she could put away a six pack in no time flat. She wanted to be full by the time he got home..but not too full..she didn't want to be uncomfortable either. Sandy had never really thought about her need to pee in a sexual way...when she had to piss..she went...but if she was out and had to hold it she had no problems doing that either. When she really had to go she figured she could pee for at least a minute..maybe longer..that was an average. She remembered one time she got caught in traffic on her way home from work. The bathrooms at work were being cleaned so she just figured she would wait until she got home. She didn't count on an almost 1 hour delay in the freeway due to a bad wreck. By the time she got home her bladder was on the verdge of exploding and she just barely made it to the bathroom before the dam gave way. She must have peed for at least 2 minutes..she wonderd if she was ever going to stop. And the feeling of relief was so wonderful..almost sexual. Sandy tried to imagine what it was like to piss in her jeans. Her last accident was probably back in grade school and she had forgotten what it felt like go in her pants.
Sandy opened her third beer and gulped some down. By now she was already feeling the tinglings of her bladder saying it was getting full...but she was no where near desperate. 45 minutes later things were a different story. She was now finishing off the last of a six pack of beer and her bladder was filling up fast.
She looked at the clock...it was still a good 20 minutes before her boyfriend got home. She thought about trying to go to the bathroom and peeing just a little..to let off some of the pressure. But she was afraid that if she got started she might not be able to stop and her plan would be ruined. She decided to wait. She crossed her legs and began to jiggle. Her bladder screamed for release...she ignored it. By now she knew this was not going to be just an ordinary piss. She was hoping to wet her jeans in the living room where it would be more romantic...but now she knew that a rather big mess was going to be involved so she decided to move her plan to the kitchen since it had tile floors. At last she heard the jingle of keys outside the door and her boyfriend walked inside. "How was your day?" he asked her. "Intetesting..and yours?" she replied.
"Same old thing" her told her. She stood up carefully trying not to lose control but doing her best not to let on how bad she had to piss. "Honey I got a surprise for you" she told him taking his hand and leading him towards the kitchen. "Did you fix me something special for supper?" He asked. "Oh no..it's much better than that" she told him. She guided him into the kitchen and found a good spot in the center of the room. She put her arms around him and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Honey you know I would do anything for you and if you ever have any special fantasies I want you to know you can tell me about them..and we'll give them a try, OK?" she told him. "Sounds good to me" he said giving her a rather puzzled look. "Anyway I hope you enjoy this" she told him. She stepped back a couple of feet and spread her legs slightly apart.
She had to piss so badly that she had trouble getting her bladder to let go...but after several seconds her muscles relaxed and her desperate wait was over. She felt her hot piss leaving her body and it quickly filled her panties and the warmth felt fantastic. What her panties could not hold streamed down the inside of her legs and poured off the cuffs of her jeans forming puddles at her feet. By now her pants were visably wet and the dampness was spreading fast as she continued to piss full force into her soggy jeans. Her boyfiend stood jaw open watching her wet herself as he watched. This was the most amazing feeling she had felt in years. She never knew how exciting pissing her pants could be...the feeling was almost orgasmic. If this was what her boyfriend wanted than she would be more than happy to give it to him. At last her river of piss began to slow down and she stood there on the brink of climax and drizzled the last of her bladders contents into her soaking wet panties. She looked down at her drenched jeans and the lake of piss under her feet. Then she looked at her boyfriend. "Well, what did you think of that?" she asked him. He looked her in the eyes. "Have you lost your mind?" he said. "What the hell did you do that for?" he asked. Sandy didn't understand. "I thought this is what you wanted" she told him. "What gave you that idea?" he replied.
"The DVD I found in your underwear drawer...The one with the girl pissing herself" Sandy explained.
Her boyfriend chuckled. "Is that what that is?...That's not mine..it belongs to my friend Bob..the guy you met last week...you know the one that just broke up with his girlfriend. He asked me to keep it for him over here because he didn't want his roomate at the college to possibly find it..I had no idea what was on it." he told her. Her boyfriend laughed. "Go clean yourself up..you look silly." he told her. Sandy was so angry..how could her boyfriend make fun of her like that. And it felt SO good too..her hot piss drenching her pants...so sexual. Sandy started for the bathroom to take a shower. "Bob...I wonder if he's looking for a new girlfriend" Sandy thought to herself.