Wetman's Stories

Wetting & Pee Stories - Maid of Honor Maid of Honor

This story is a combination of Fact and Fantasy. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

My first wife Annette and I got married and shortly afterwards moved to Florida where I was stationed in the military at the time.
The Maid of Honor at our wedding was her long time best friend Tammy. Tammy was very pretty and my wife knew that I thought
she was pretty cute but she didn't care. My wife and I enjoyed a very open sex life which included lot's of watersports fun. She was willing
to do most anything for me. The first summer after we got married Annette asked me if I would mind if Tammy came down and spent
a week with us. She said she wanted to come down because she had never been to Florida and we lived just a few miles from the
beach. I decided what the heck and told her OK. My wife joked that she was sure I would enjoy seeing Tammy in a bikini. A couple
of weeks later Tammy drove down for her visit. Annette and Tammy were both fresh out of high school and both 19 years old. Annette
was really happy to see her best friend so I kind of let them do their own thing. A couple of days after Tammy arrived I came home from
work and Annette quickly pulled me into the bedroom. She told me that they were going out that evening to a local club. She said that
she and Tammy had been having some rather interesting conversations that day and had some detailed talks about their sex lives. She
told me that Tammy had complained that her last couple of boyfirends didn't enjoy giving her oral sex and that she had actually been
without a boyfriend for the last 3 months and she was horny as hell. She said Tammy joked saying that if she didn't get lucky at the club
tonight I might not be safe when she came home. This started a conversation where Annette asked Tammy up front if she might be
interested in a three way encounter with us..which Annette knew had always been a fantasy of mine...and she said Tammy told her yes.
She told Tammy that oral sex was something I loved to do and if she wanted her pussy licked I could do it. The only Rule she had was
that Tammy and I could not have intercourse...anything else was fair game. She then told me that she had told Tammy all about our
watersports play...but Tammy told her she didn't think she could do anything like that as she was too shy when it came to peeing.

That evening when they returned from the club it was obvious that both of them had a lot to drink. As soon as they hit the door they dashed
to the bathroom and I could hear them both as they pissed loudly in the toilet. When they came out Annette told me they were both "In the
mood" for some fun if I was. We started things off with a game of strip poker...it seemed the least akward way for us all to get naked.
Before long we were all nude and things went from there. Soon we were in the bed and things got serious. I began licking Tammys pussy
and you could tell she was really enjoying it. It felt a little strange doing this in front of Annette but she seemed to be having as much fun
watching us as we were having doing what we were doing. It didn't take long before my oral play pushed Tammy over the edge and she had one
orgasm quickly followed by a second one after which she just kind of laid back and watched Annette and I go at it for a while.

After bringing Annette to an oral climax we all just kind of cuddled together for a while. Annette told me that if nothing else when Tammy
went to her room she would finish me off and give me a golden shower if I wanted one. A few minutes later Tammy sat up and started to
get up out of the bed saying she was going to "Get rid of a few beers" For some reason I thought she meant she was going to get some
more beer to drink but when I saw her head towards the bathroom I knew what she meant. Annette jumped up and said "Wait for me" and
she followed her into the bathroom and shut the door. I listened to see if I could hear her peeing but all I heard was the muffled sound of the
girls talking. Soon the door opened and the two girls came out..I could tell something was going on. Tammy came over to me and said
"Don't ask me how Annette talked me into this..I'm not really sure myself." Annette grabbed a towel from the bathroom and laid it on the
floor...then she told me to lay down...I did as I was told. "He's all yours" Annette told Tammy. Tammy came over and straddled my chest
and squatted down. She kind of giggled and said "If I wasn't so fucking drunk and didn't have to pee so damn bad I'd never be able to do
this". She kind of wiggled around like she was trying to hang on...maybe about to changed her mind. Then she moaned. "I can't hold it
any longer...I'm sorry" she said. And then she pissed. Not a drizzle...Not a stream...but like a firehose...her stream hit my chest and splashed
all over my face. Well to say she had to go would be an understatement. I was wondering if she was ever going to stop peeing. I was in heaven.
When she finally finished she stood up and sat down on the bed. She looked at me laying their with a smile on my face and a rock hard cock
and said "I can't beleive I just did that" She gathered up her clothes and headed off to her room for the night. Annette finished me off with her own
golden shower and a short blowjob. Later Annette told me that Tammy was about to sit down on the toilet and pee when she told her after I did
such a good job eating her pussy she should reward me by at least trying to give me a golden shower.

The next morning I was soaking in the tub when the bathroom door opened and Tammy looked in and started to close the door..then she stopped
and came in anyway saying "Hell it's not like you haven't seen me pee before" With that she sat down on the potty and took a long piss.
She left a day later and I never saw her again. But I have lots of great memories from her visit with us.