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Where can Kitty pee wrote:

great site
keep up the good work

08.01.2013 19:09

Miss Kitty wrote:

I jike this site good info

13.01.2012 20:09

Bill_610 wrote:

Well it\'s about time you dusted off all these pictures you\'ve been hoarding, wetman, and shared them with us! LOL! Really, though, you\'ve done a great job with this site - Congratulations!

27.04.2009 22:56

2prnot2p wrote:

Hi Wetman. Thanks again for the review and thanks for posting on my board recently. You\'re welcome there anytime. Keep up the good work, I really like your site!
(G/S Paradise)

15.03.2009 00:30

Beachbummer26 wrote:

Hey love your site! Kitty is so hot. I love watching her go. Its such a turn on! Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing.

14.09.2008 18:07

Biggdipper wrote:

Great site wetman - all the best in your successful endeavor

13.07.2008 13:04

Peemaster wrote:

Cool site Wetman! Way to go!

30.06.2008 20:45

MissPissyPants wrote:

Great Site Wetman! You should feel very proud. Keep up the good work. *mwah*

06.05.2008 07:26

cyberman wrote:

Well done mate!. Keep up the good work

21.04.2008 05:05

Win338 wrote:

I finally got in to sign your guestbook.. I love the site , it looks awesome. Then again I didn\'t expect anything less than that old friend. Good luck with all of your future endeavors.

06.04.2008 11:18

HewlettsDaughter wrote:

love the site babe. looks awesome! then again, how can pee look bad?!


26.03.2008 22:07

David North at Bound2Burst wrote:

The web needed a review site like this one, and I'm not saying that just because Wetman gave mine 10-out-of-10. All right, yes I am :-) Sorry Wetman, I couldn't resist.

Seriously, this site is a great idea, and I plan to keep it on my radar screen.

All the best,

26.03.2008 07:30

Kriptonic_2 wrote:

Hey man, great work. I know you have put alot of thought and effort into the site. I want to review your review site a 10. Thanks for the gruling hours and enless time spent watching free porn movies, it must be tough... Anywho, take super care, grow the site like i know you will. If you ever need any help with anything i would gladly help you watch free porn lol. Shout out to all the people at peesearch that i am friends with and especially bill for putting this togther, you have given wetman a purpose in life!!! Peace...

25.03.2008 18:02

Lucky Bill wrote:

Wow what a nice looking site.

I like all of the adult pee website reviews so far and all of the free stuff too.

Wetting stories
Piss videos
Wetting Photos and pictres
and more

Well done Wetman

25.03.2008 09:01