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Just a few new things...........
Posted by wetman   •   Saturday, 2009-December-05
Just wanted to add a few notes on some things on some of the listed sites. Mystiq put on a great show on Skymouse's webcam show on 12-05-09. This is a great bonus of being a site member at Skymouse's site to be able to interact with the models live as they wet and pose for you. A photo from the show can be found in the photo galleries in the website JPG's.

I also recently purchased Wonder Wetter and Supergush from Bound2Burst...some really cute acting...some rare and lovely nudity..and 4 pees in a single video makes this a great buy...here is the description from Dave's Site.

WONDER WETTER & SUPERGUSH (26 minutes) Wonder Wetter and Supergush have not been busy of late, and Supergush is extremely bored. Wonder Wetter reprimands her Wonder Wetter & Supergush and ends up snared by her own lasso of truth just before she can make a dash to the bathroom. Supergush makes Wonder Wetter stand with her legs apart until she is forced to pee herself. At this inopportune moment, a caller reports that Veronica Cale has been spotted entering a nearby warehouse. Supergush wants to rush off, but Wonder Wetter has to change her panties and empty the pee out her boots. (This is all done on camera). In the warehouse, the super heroines overpower Veronica and handcuff her to a table, even though the woman is desperate to pee. It is not long before Veronica wets herself. She manages to wriggle free of one of the bracelets, and is ready when Wonder Wetter and Supergush return for her. She immobilizes the super heroines with a suppression field, and makes them stand there until they both pee their costumes. She threatens to call the press to take photos of the pair standing in their own puddles! How can the duo holds their heads up after such humiliation? This custom movie is probably the most difficult thing we have ever tried to film. The girls, who naturally needed to pee, could not remember their lines and had to be allowed to ad lib their way through the loose storyline. This is a highly simplified version of the custom script, but even this took a large part of the day to do. The movie contains four wetting accidents, two by Lola, and one each by Tabitha and Nyxon. Lola gets naked briefly as she is changing her panties in the opening scene.

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