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Posted by wetman   •   Sunday, 2009-March-29
Hi...It's been a LONG time since I have made it to a Skymouse webcam show. Yesterday I was able to log on and watch Tammie Lee. Tammie Lee is a very pretty girl who has been doing modeling for the last 7 years. The show was very good and included some good wetting. Tammie does have one annoying habit that I hope she gets over..she has a tendency to read everything on the monitor screen word for word out loud. Like we can't read it for ourselves. So it's like "Bob says Hi..Mike says Your pretty..Bill says nice bun" etc etc. I would much rather have a model who simply interacts with the members instead of spending their time reading the chat dialog to us. Other than that it was a great show. Wetmanjf
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