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Reviewed By Wetmanjf , 2013-07-02 10:27:08

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The Site in General:
Wetmans Place would like to welcome Sinna to its list of Great Pee Websites. Sinna is a true amateur pee lover who makes homemade pee clips and sells them through a clips4sale store. She also has a website that tells more about herself as well as a TWITTER PAGE and PICTURE BLOG. I cant believe its taken me so long to find this true pee loving girl. You can read all information about her HERE and have a look at her biography HERE

Another thing I love about Sinna is she is a true pee lover. Not just someone out to sell her clips. She answers her own e-mails and takes requests for custom videos at no extra charge. Her clips run in length from 2 minutes long to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Prices range from $2.99 to $64.99 depending on the clip size and length. With over 60 percent of her clips under $10 and almost 90 percent under $20, everyone can treat themselves to a quality Sinna clip. The higher price clips are longer movies where she gives her best for a long time.

She gives detailed descriptions of all her clips so you can read all about
it and make sure its what your looking for before buying it. Her store has tons of pictures, gifs and samples too, to check out what your looking for. Her clips are also available in multiple formats for people with high speed and slower speed connections, as well as mobile devices.

She adds several keywords to help you find just the clip your looking for. This girl loves to pee in naughty places...on her clothes..even sitting in her car. Her desperation clips are spectacular. If you can not find what your looking for, just contact her and ask..she gives her best to make your fantasy a reality.

Golden showers are about the only thing she can not film due to restrictions at C4S. She is a cute tiny little thing with a bladder that is truly amazing, which gave her the nickname Bladder Queen. Fans love her extraordinary bladder capacity and long pees

Her site is ever changing and at the moment she is updating 3-4 new clips a day. She welcomes your feedback and loves to hear from her fans..something you do not find at most commercial websites.

I highly recommend you check her out. Get one of her Starter clips and see what shes about then dig through her site and find what your looking for. If you write her be sure to tell her Wetman sent you.

Overall Content
Hundreds of videos to choose from. Find your fetish here !!

Content Verses Promised

Movie Quality
Movie quality is great and offered in multiple formats

Price Verses Content
Prices range from $2.99 and UP depending on format length and file size. Large files contain more pee fun.

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