Adult Site Review for Golden Shower Paradise

Reviewed By Wetmanjf , 2008-07-06 09:54:21

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The Site in General:
Golden shower paradise is a website featuring a variety of content for the watersports fan. This website (Like mine) features content provided by other websites. I didn't see much Exclusive content.
He does feature a "Daily Story" But I'm not sure if the stories are written by the webmaster or found elsewhere. There is a small gallery of photos. Their are a few other features I don't have such as a chat room (I didn't test it) and a Message board where users can post messages much like WETSET.

Overall Content
Mostly links and web photos...some original amateur material would make things more exciting.

Content Verses Promised
Some good links to be found here. He had one link to a "Toilet Cam"
which sadly was just a photo of a girl on a toilet and not a real web cam.

Movie Quality
Movies are not offered here...only links to some preview movies

Price Verses Content
This is a Free cost

Links loaded quickly...good speed