Adult Site Review for Skymouse Wetting Her Panties

Reviewed By Wetmanjf , 2013-01-20 11:47:24

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The Site in General:
If you enjoy watching Beautiful girls wetting their pants and knickers then this is a site you want to join. WHP Wetting Her Panties is run by Skymouse the King of wetting. Some very beautiful girls can be found here and they are always desperate to PEE. Sometimes they do it to be naughty. Sometimes they get desperate and just cant hold it. Either way somethings getting wet. Filmed in a variety of locations..sometimes outdoors..inside in the bathroom..on the floor..even in the bed. Most videos contain a good bit of desperation..the pee..and then some great views of the wet clothing which is sometimes removed as you watch. The girls always enjoy wetting for you and have fun doing it.

The site currently has over 1100 exclusive videos..and almost 2000 photo sets featuring over 350 models. Members have access to all current videos as well as the archives of previous videos and photos.

Members also have access to Skymouses LIVE wetting webcam shows.
Dates and times for upcoming shows can be found on the website. These shows feature various models in a live desperation and wetting show that you can watch and also chat with the model as the show is going on.
The show usually last aprox 3 hours with part being devoted to max wetting and the other being more desperation with a massive wetting at the end.
Many of the older shows are available for viewing in the videos section.

Skymouse has been around for over 10 years so its a site you can trust for top quality wetting.

Overall Content
Pee Photos

Pee Videos

Live webcam shows

What else could you ask for?

Content Verses Promised

Movie Quality
The movies here are of very high quality

Price Verses Content
The price of membership went up a while back but its still a good deal for new members with all thats available in the archives !!

Site moves quickly and movie download speeds are very good