Adult Site Review for Wetset Watersports Message Board

Reviewed By Wetmanjf , 2008-07-21 18:02:55

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The Site in General:
I am updating my information on this site due to many recent events.

What was once an interesting message board has sadly turned into a war zone between site visitors. Lately 95% of all posts have either been people posting about youtube finds or an ongoing war between
TVGuy (Who runs a clips4sale wetting website) and the rest of the board users. The remaining 5% of the posts may be worth reading if you can find them between all the other posts..this site needs some serious moderation. Here are some recent comments from posters on the board...

It's getting way to negative around here of late

He may be inept at it and I doubt anyone is actually fooled but I am sick and tired of reading his bullshit and would rather it just wasn't here. When it comes to stuff people pay for, I am fully against lying, scamming little fucking shits!

You missed the class on irony at school, I guess!

You're a fucking prick

I used to post here years ago too, believe me my storys were true but i got flamed so much that i just stopped

My models have been called, sluts, whores, drug addicts, whales, and other various animals. I have had death threats e-mailed to me because I didn't portray the type of wetting that a particular person was into. I have even been accused of not actually being into this fetish.

Can we please please stop this big brother censorship??? Everyone has a right to free speech so what is wrong with Lawrence and i complaining about your censorship??? WE DON'T NEED NANNYING!!! You are totally ruining this board for me. STOP DELETING POSTS OR BE PREPARED TO LOOSE MEMBERS. FAST.

***Oh and lets not forget the resident Pervert Pinky.....

"Hi Im a crossdresser I will be wearing Girls tight tight jeans a pink top, blonde wig,girls tennis shoes and carring a pink purse..Ill change into this outfit in the woods behind Century III Mall on a path thats across from the Dicks Sporting Goods Store around 3:00 oclock and then leave my regular guys clothes hidden in a yellow bag while I walk around till the Mall closes in the girls clothes..I wish a gang of girls or even better of cheerleaders would find me and tie me up and do whatever they Want to me..while Im crossdressed.Then Ill come back later(Dark)find my clothes and change back before taking the Bus home.I like to piss and s*** myself while I wear the Girls clothes."

Overall Content
Sadly little good stuff to be found anymore...don't bother

Content Verses Promised
A watersports message Board

Movie Quality
Not a Movie site

Price Verses Content
Free site unless you want to see the older message archives