Adult Site Review for Ineed2pee

Reviewed By Wetmanjf , 2008-07-06 09:58:29

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The Site in General:
Ineed2pee (Not to be confused with Rebekah Dee's Needapee website) is a site built around the theme of sesperation... wetting and girls who just don't quite make it to the bathroom in time. The site on a whole is very good with just a few minor flaws which I will cover here..but still all in all the site is well worth checking out.

First lets cover all the good points. The girls are all very pretty and seem to do a good job of making themselves desperate before a shoot. Most of the scenes end in either pants..jeans or panty wetting. On a rare occaision the girls some do open pissing or will pee in the toilet. Their is a good variety of
locations including homes..outside scenes..and even a few done in stores or other places of buisness. (I have no idea if these places are real or just sets and props)

You can choose to search the site by date or if a certain girl strikes your fancy you can even search for videos by your favorite actress. A few videos feature "Behind the scenes" or post scene videos. Many of the videos show the girls stripping down after they wet showing off their wet clothes and sometimes giving you a glimpse of their pretty bodies. Each update also features photos so you can get an idea of what happens in the video. Several videos also feature 2 girls in the scene so you get to see 2 wettings in 1 video.

Older videos are smaller screen size 320x240 where newer videos are Larger 640x480. The newer videos are pretty large file sizes...several over 100 MB so a High Speed Connection is recommended. Most videos are in WMV format. The site is updated with 1 new video per week and new members have access to the entire archive of previous videos. Members also have access to a Bonus area. These are completely free streaming adult movies (1000+) in many different niches including many different fetishes. And yes, they are free to watch for members. It also includes 6 free "reality porn sites" & members can access all the update videos as well.

Now for areas that could use improvement. Some of the scenes are a little "Overacted" and unnatural. Many end with
the girl pissing their clothes where a girl in that situation would probably pull her clothes down instead of wetting herself. A couple even end with the girl wetting their pants standing in the bathroom with the toilet just inches away. Now I must give them credit...I'm sure it's hard to find an idea for a wetting scene week after week without stretching things just a little bit. The other thing that is a little annoying is the photographer who makes the still pictures...Here you find two lovely ladies in the middle of the woods.."all by themselves" pissing their clothes and during the whole thing you hear the CLICK CLICK
CLICK of the camera...inside you even see the flash going off. Maybe one day they will get a camera that's more quiet.

All in all however it's a very good site, especially if your a new'll have lot's to keep you busy. Really recommended for desperation and wetting fans. If your looking for lot's of open pissing ..nudity or golden showers this may not be the site for you. Oh BTW if you just want a few videos w/o joining the site I think they also offer videos for sale via clips4sale. If you check the main site page too you can always find a downloadable sample of their latest DVD. Oh yea..They also sell DVD's.


Overall Content
Lot's of wetting Girls

Content Verses Promised
Good vids..lately I have seen several people complaining that this sites last update is not working and they are unable to get it fixed even after trying to contact the webmaster

Movie Quality
See comments above

Price Verses Content
4 updates monthly

Very good site speed