Adult Site Review for Bound2Burst

Reviewed By Wetmanjf , 2013-01-20 18:30:24

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The Site in General:
Bound2Burst is a Wetting-Pee website whose focus is mostly pure desperation and wetting. It is also a little different than most of the sites I list as the videos are not available by membership but are sold by buying the videos on another website called Files Forever. Prices are determined based on the length of the video. This is the one downfall to this site. Where you can join other sites for one fee and download all their previous videos it would cost you over $1300 or more to build a complete collection of Bound2Burst videos. Compilation videos are available and in my opinion provide the most wetting-Peeing for your money. These videos cut out some of the video and focus mainly on the wetting with a short amount of the desperation before and the aftermath following the pee. The site contains a lot of sample photos from each video as well as a preview clip of each scene.

When Bound2Burst started out they were all nudity. But now the site features a variety of wetting videos as well as desperation clips with lots of nudity. Compilation videos are done in types of videos. Such as Just Jeans-Just Skirts-Just Made it-Just Naked as well as a few special sections.
Some videos star just one model where others have 2 or more models in the same video. Most of the models seen at Bound2Burst are exclusive to this Website.

Discounts are often offered on older videos as new ones are released.

If you like genuine desperation with huge pees at the end then this is a site you should check out !

Overall Content
Great Content

Content Verses Promised
Outstanding quality

Movie Quality
Movies are high quality.

Price Verses Content
Not a subscription site. If your mostly interested in seeing the peeing the Compilation videos are the best buys. Would be VERY expensive to build a complete collection of videos from this website.

Site moves problems