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Reviewed By Wetmanjf , 2013-01-20 18:23:38

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The Site in General:
Peesearch is a free community for watersports lovers. Membership is required but their is no fee involved. New members are very limited as to what they can view on the site but as you contribute to the site you gain more access to the better stuff such as videos etc. There are stories to read..videos to watch and a good selection of photos. There is also a members only section where members can post their own homemade photos and videos. A chat room is also provided so you can chat with other members.

One word of warning...Read the rules before you begin posting. Material from many websites is not allowed at Peesearch and posting videos or photos from any of these sites will get you banned from the site. A list of the restricted sites is posted in the forums but you may have material that is unlabeled that came from one of these sites..and if you post it your days at Peesearch will be short lived. The best advise I can give..if you dont know where your video or picture came from..dont post it. Other material..such as Voyeur or scat material is also forbidden and will also get you banned from the site.

Overall Content
Stories...Pictures...Video..Chat and More

Content Verses Promised
Fantastic...Great content

Movie Quality
Movie quality depends on the posters but most are very good. A file size limit of 15 MB is in place so large videos are not possible

Price Verses Content
The site is free so this is not an issue

Mostly very times the site can be a little slow but on the average its quite good.